Basics of UX and Development

The DNA of Standard Code consists of three parts:

1) Build good stuff
2) Teach people how to build good stuff
3) Ping Pong

Between the team members here at Standard Code, we've probably taught a grand total of 20 different classes ranging from rails to UI to startup 101 stuff. It's something we love to do.

Since we moved into Switchyards 4 months ago, we've been discussing w/ Michael and David the idea of teaching a class here in the evenings. We started w/ the idea of teaching an advanced rails course. Then we thought of doing a Swift course. But then we realized there's a population most in need of our particular talents: people who don't really know much of anything about technology.

So we teamed up with fellow Switchyards member, Erica Newcomb to teach a combo class called "Enough to be Dangerous" where we cover the fundamentals of user experience (UX) in the first hour and fundamentals of development in hour 2.

Here's a rundown on what we're teaching:

It's a drop-in kinda class so if you're interested, the next class is set for Wednesday, May 17th at 6pm!

Week 1: Dev Basics and UX vs UI (pdf, keynote)
Week 2: Getting Started with Ruby on Rails and How to do UX (pdf, keynote)

May. 16 2016