$$$ February

Standard Code is a development shop, which means we have an office full of developers. As developers we are skilled at creating technical products, but a successful product is more than a well crafted application. The market has forced us to learn this lesson again and again. Sometimes on our own products and sometimes through the eyes of our clients. Even the best ideas will likely fail to meet the mark without iterating on the product and properly communicating its value to prospective users.

Standard Code enjoys working with smart clients who are starting and growing their business. And we have ambition to create and grow our own internal products. We know that we can’t do this successfully without leveling up our ability to communicate value with prospective users.

The need to level up our communication skills with prospective users has become more and more apparent so during a partner meeting we came up with an idea-$$$ February. $$$ February is a competition between the Standard Code team members to see who can build the most profitable product in the month of February. Each team member is responsible for coming up with his or her own product idea and implementing that idea at a very rapid pace. The majority of the focus will be on acquiring customers, not building technology.

Team members are encouraged to work on their product as much as possible during the month. Fridays especially will be dedicated to $$$ February. The rules are simple:

1. Dollars in pocket (DIP) wins (Revenue - Costs = DIP).
2. No breaking the law.
3. Bartering skills is ok, but unreciprocated bartering = cost ($10/hr).
4. Work done before Feb 1 is a cost ($10/hr)
5. No dollars can be counted after Feb 28.
6. Bending the rules is ok. Cheating is not.
7. Fridays will be dedicated for $$$.

Everyone can win this game. Standard Code and each team member will split profits 50-50. And while each of these projects will likely be shuttered at the end of the month, Standard Code is willing to invest resources in growing promising products.

The real winner will do even better. Beyond the 50% take, he or she will get 10% of the profits of all of the other products. We’ll probably throw in a trophy as well.

You can learn more about each person's project and follow the competition at our $$$ February scoreboard. We’ll be sure to share highlights on Twitter and in this note section.

Please support us as we attempt to start and grow a product in a short amount of time. We hope you will share and become a customer the projects that you find compelling!

Feb. 02 2015