How we track progress

At Standard Code, we build and launch projects on a fairly regular basis. It's our form of play.

However, we hope these projects turn into more than a pastime. Many of them are seeds of businesses. With our latest project, Dear Faye, we have formalized a system to provide the team regular feedback on how the project is performing as well as articulating our actions moving forward.

The template is fairly simple. It's starts with the highlights, covers the facts (key analytics), identifies the challenges and lays out the way forward.

The Good: three to five items of positive things that happened that week.

Key Analytics: A table of the key analytics for the lifetime of the project as well as progress made that week. Do a bit of simple math to see the growth rate on the key analytics.

The Bad: three to five issues that cropped up during the week.

Next Week To Dos: Actions that need to be taken to resolve to increase the Good and resolve the Bad.

Goals: One or two goals that the project should reach and a short summary of how it is going.

You can copy and paste the template above or download the template here.

Sep. 11 2015