In Dubai for the X-Innovation Summit

What did you do for Thanksgiving? I ditched the family (Sorry, Erin and kids!) to visit Dubai. One of Secure Data Kit's favorite clients, Merck, invited us to their innovation summit. I love spending time with the family on Thanksgiving, but I probably wouldn't have another reason or opportunity to visit Dubai so I hopped on a plane.

The summit was held at the beautiful Crown Plaza in Dubai. For three days, I got to meet people from across the globe as we geeked out on the future. I was one of only two United State citizens. Everyone else was from Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The first day was focused on sharing ideas from other innovation leaders. I talked with people who were working on printable lighting, printable sensors, space transportation, VR and AR health solutions, and other health technologies. We discussed ideas as we ate at the base of Burj Khalifa, one of the world's largest buildings. Later that evening, I found myself sharing hard-to-find drinks with people from seven different countries.

On the second day, we got to celebrate many early-stage technology companies, working to make the world work better. I was happy to have the opportunity to share Secure Data Kit with Emirati officials and other global business leaders as we discussed potential opportunities for Secure Data Kit to relieve suffering with data.

Dec. 19 2017