Jambo from Kenya!

Each morning, we walk from our apartment in Westlands to our office on Riverside. The morning air is cool. The streets are crowded with cars and people. Everyone jockeys for position. Crossing a street can be a challenge since there are no street lights. Whoever has the most will power, car or person, has the right of way.

And then there is Waiyaki Way, a 4 or more lane road that streaks through the city. We get to cross that once we find a break in the traffic that may be going highway speeds.

MJ working on his frogger skills.

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That’s Nairobi. The pace of life is different. As an American, it takes some time to get use to a different way of life. In Atlanta, the pace of life is the pace you set. You get in the car and drive to where you need to go. In Kenya, it’s much more organic. You get there when you get there.

The streets impact the office. You’re on “Kenyan” time, which essentially means people show up when they want to show up. It’s not unwelcome. It’s sometimes nice to sync up with life rather than force a tightly regimented, planned day. Hakuna matata.

All that said, we’ve met a lot of great people. Kenya is full of opportunity. You can feel the potential. We’re already deep into two projects based on tracking noncommunicable disease that we are excited about. Stay tuned.

Mar. 24 2017