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Mapping Resources for #coronavirus (geoJSON, US County Data, etc)

March 12, 2020

We're creating this thread to start to track what resources we use to build maps. Specifically state by state county geoJSON sources, data sources of the outbreak, etc. This is a big effort so we're starting small and local but will hope to grow this in the coming days and weeks.


How we use empathy, craftsmanship, and curiosity everyday at Standard Co

June 26, 2019

Core values are the sort of thing that are usually created to help give founders a North Star on how to build a team. Our idea when we created them was two fold: to help build a team and to help build a client roster.


Heatmaps vs Choropleths

November 27, 2018

When it comes to using maps for data visualization, the term heatmap is used rather loosely. It tends to be used to describe any map that uses colors to categorize location based data. However there is a distinction between geographic heatmaps and choropleth maps. Let's compare...


Free up that web process with some workers!

November 9, 2018

We used the Sidekiq gem to allow us to easily define "worker" processes that would handle these sorts of tasks in the background, leaving the main web process alone. See what a sample of what the report worker class looks like.


We're hiring a Project Coordinator! Come Join our Team

November 1, 2018

Standard Co is hiring! That's right, your favorite Global Public Health data platform (and <a href="" target="window">Nacho database</a>) is looking to add to our team.


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