Now hiring: DevOps / AWS / Heroku engineer

Hey are you the kinda person who knows the AWS SDK back and forward? Are your initials SSH? Are you tired of a developer making bad DevOps jokes? If the answer is yes, come work with Standard Code! We're hiring someone to help us manage our AWS and heroku infrastructure. Here's a little more about what we need:

  • Manage EC2 instances -- keep them up to date, imaged, backuped

  • Manage RDS instances -- we have MySQL and Postgresql instances

  • Manage Route 53 -- we manage 50+ domains, subdomains, email, etc

  • Heroku -- we host 20+ websites on heroku. An understanding of how to manage it and keep the monthly price down is key!

Above and beyond these items, we also need general support with:

  • IT stuff -- backups, machine images, etc. We're a Mac shop

  • Installing SSL certs

  • Assist with better utilizing AWS -- this includes but is not limited to managing CloudFront, setting up VPCs, etc

  • Configuring Apache and Tomcat

  • Bonus points if you know ODK

  • Double bonus points if your favorite color is green (ok you won't actually get bonus points for that)

We're really flexible when it comes to location -- we're located in ATL and if you want to work in our office, that would rule. We're based at Switchyards located in downtown -- you get unlimited coffee and breakdance lessons from TJ Muehleman if you come and work here.

At this point the job will be 10-20 hours a week. It will likely scale up as we continue our growth trajectory. Want to know more about what we do? Go here.

Interested in applying? Send your resume and a short paragraph about why you want a gig like this to

Mar. 28 2016