Office / Project Coordinator / Chief Morale Officer

When you wake up in the morning, do you want to organize EVERYTHING? Does the idea of working for a small, profitable tech company excite you? If the answer is yes to these highly important questions, we have the gig for you!

Standard Code is hiring an office / project coordinator. This is a full time, contract-to-permanent opportunity. We believe that hiring someone means spending 2-3 months with them to make sure there’s a good fit, both for you as well as for us. You’ll start as a 1099 and if after a few months everyone is happy, we’ll transition you to a W2 team member.

This position is a mashup of a few different positions but really boils down to one thing: keeping us organized. Here’s a bit more detail:


  • Organize and send monthly invoices to clients, keep track of budgets, ensure the team is tracking time

  • Project management -- ensuring the team sticks to timelines, not going over scope

  • Tracking, organizing, and helping to write up scopes of work (SOWs)

  • Collecting product release notes from the team and communicating it to the client

  • QA’ing releases to make sure we capture all of the items the client requested of us

  • Collecting technical requirements from clients

  • Keeping the office in order -- making sure we’re well stocked -- groceries, supplies, ping pong balls, you know, the usual

  • Chief morale officer -- planning monthly happy hours and fun offsite events for the team

About you

  • Works well with little direction

  • Likes making decisions

  • Embraces screwing things up and learning from those experiences

  • Has an eye for detail

  • Have we mentioned organized?

  • Interest in learning new things

  • You enjoy bullet point lists

  • You’re willing to be our office DJ

  • You dig the idea of working downtown

About Us
Standard Code is a 3 year old company founded by startup junkies. We’re a team of 10 based in the sweetest co-working building in ATL, Switchyards. We enjoy building useful web tools for groups ranging from 1-2 person startups to multi-national public health groups. Benefits of working at Standard Code (note: some of these only apply when full-time, W2):

  • Working a place that’s going to give you the opportunity to learn and grow

  • Empowered, encouraged, and expected to make decisions

  • Insurance (after the 3 month contract phase)

  • Free coffee (from Octane! WHAT?), free beer (we have great taste in beer), and free snacks (we special order beef jerky. Just sayin’)

  • Opportunity to work on projects that matter (most of our work is in the global health sector. Read more here)

  • Unlimited vacation

  • Quarterly performance bonus

  • How to apply
    Send us a resume to

    Tell us a short bit in the email about why you think you’d be good for this gig.

Apr. 18 2016