Secure Data Kit

Next week we're rolling out the biggest baddest release of our data collection and management product, Secure Data Kit (SDK). SDK is an ideal solution if you're in healthcare and you need to collect, store, analyze, and share health relate data. A few of the core features:

Collect data anywhere, anytime

Starting in global health means we need a solution that can work in the farthest most remote locations on earth. Already in use in 50+ countries, SDK can collect data anywhere regardless of internet connectivity. It’s designed to auto synch as soon as a connection is established


With a name like “Secure Data Kit”, we naturally take security seriously. We offer a HIPAA backend for healthcare related data, we have strict access control, searchable audit logs, and a slew of other security features.

SaaS = Easy

Sure you could host this yourself. Maintaining servers, upgrading software, troubleshooting bugs, etc all kind of suck. So we do it for you. 


Its the 21st century and the name of the game is collaboration. Whether you’re in the field in Kenya or in an office park in Atlanta, you need to be able to easily and readily invite others to view the reports you’re looking at and contribute to them. SDK will soon have integrations with top notch data viz tools like Tableau and Power BI. SDK already supports the statistical reporting language R so you can easily build your own reports.


Who doesn’t love a good map? Since much of this data is geolocated and location matters a lot in terms of mapping disease, we have integrated google maps to allow data to be plotted on a map. In a future release we will be providing downloadable maps, allowing overlays with polygons, and other features.

Secure Data Kit is full of great features. To learn more, check it out here:

Oct. 28 2016