We're hiring a Project Coordinator! Come Join our Team

Standard Co is hiring! That’s right, your favorite Global Public Health data platform (and Nacho database) is looking to add to our team. We’re specifically looking for someone to help manage projects, keep our team organized, and our clients happy.

About Standard Co

We’re a 7 year old bootstrapped company (read: we own all of it. No investors!) with a singular mission: use data to transform lives. In that vein, we think of ourselves as a purpose driven company. We care about our clients and how they utilize our data platform, Secure Data Kit, to transform lives. Clients use us to map diseases, track income inequality, make sure more children around the world receive life saving surgeries, and a whole bunch of other amazing use cases.

Project Coordinator

The project coordinator role at Standard Co will fill a variety of operational duties. If you like data, working with clients, talking to folks, solving problems, and doing cool meaningful work, read on!

The responsibilities of the position include:
  • Working with project management to send out weekly updates to clients
  • Working w/ the development team to ensure goals are met
  • Manage our ticketing system
  • Occasional data entry
  • Provide technical support for our product, Secure Data Kit
  • Onboard and configuration of new clients

Qualities of someone who will be successful in this position

  • Needs guidance but not micromanagement
  • Willing to fail and learn from those failures
  • Loves process and how to make things run more smoothly
  • Fast learner
  • Can work alone (more on that below)

Standard Co is a distributed company which means you can work where you want. A majority of our team is based in Atlanta but one of the founders is in the Seattle area and we have people in North Carolina, Florida, and the Philippines. We meet twice a week via video conference and convene for a group outing *usually* once a year (sometimes in ATL, sometimes elsewhere). Want to learn more about us? Our team handbook is public and can be seen here: https://github.com/codeisstandard/handbook

Still interested? Great! We always hire a little bit differently than most. The last few developers we hired we screened via a “web based scavenger hunt”. One time a new hire joined our team the same day we started a “plant growing competition”. So this screening will be no different: we have a very short questionnaire we want folks to fill out. No resume. No LinkedIn profile. Just tell us a bit about yourself here. The folks we like we’ll reach out to (and then we’ll get your resume and all that boring stuff).

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Mar. 11 2020