Website 3.0

The founding team behind Standard Code comes from a product development background. What does this **actually** mean though? At it's core, it means we like to build small, build fast, and build often. Our website is a perfect example of that. Let's take a quick look at the history of our beautiful website:

Version 1.0 -- "Holy crap, we need a website"
It literally went something like that. As many websites go, you build a company, you worry about payroll, you find employees, you find customers, and the last thing you worry about is a website. It's honestly not all that different for a web development company. 18 months ago we had landed our first client and had a second on the way when they asked "but where's your website?". The immediate reaction was "whoops" and we hammered something out over an evening. It did the essentials: it talked about our backgrounds and who we are. At this time, Standard Code was 1.5 people (the half straddling a few companies)

Version 2.0 -- "Ok, let's at least make it responsive"
True enough, we went from a simple one sheet website to something that demonstrated more of our capabilities. We were a growing company and needed to show off who we've worked with in the past and tell a little bit more about our story. We still kept it simple but devoted more time to helping clients understand who we are. At this point we had grown to 3 people.

Version 3.0 -- "We're a real company. Let's act like one!"
Yep, we've now grown to 8 people in just under 18 months. We have a strong client list, we've built and rolled out our own products, and we're definitely in need of more content. We were in a position to spend more time on our website. We've added a more comprehensive product list. We're showing off who our entire team is. And we've added this notes section, a place we can share w/ the world all the little things we find, and some of the big things we're building.

As with all products we build, this is a work in progress. Websites and apps are like any system; they never stop evolving.

Oct. 27 2014