What We Do

Standard Code provides technology solutions for the Global Health community. We focus on the following areas:

Solutions development

Over the last 15-20 years, the global health community has been dominated by two technology solutions: Excel and Access. The problem with these solutions is that they silo your information. That is, you spend all this time collecting valuable information only to put it in the one place that makes it difficult to share with your colleagues—your computer. We specialize in building applications that help you put this data in the cloud so it can be shared and managed and discussed among a broad audience of users across the world.

Systems design

Our founders have over 30 years experience in developing complex Internet based applications. We’ve helped design and consult for groups ranging from Georgia Tech to SAP to the CDC. We know how to design, integrate, and manage systems and can help assist your organization in designing your next solution.

Data collection

We specialize in implementing ODK (Open Data Kit) through a solution we’ve created on top of ODK called Secure Data Kit. It takes a lot of what ODK is good at (accessibility, offline mode, cost) and adds what ODK is missing—security and reporting. The biggest need that Global Health has right now is to make sense of the data they’re collecting and to move it from Excel spreadsheets to a place where important stakeholders can access the data, interact with it, and draw conclusions from it. This is where we come in. We provide cloud-based solutions that solve all of these problems.


While HIPAA only applies to U.S. citizens, the laws behind HIPAA set a good precedent for securing and managing patient healthcare information (PHI). Standard Code has worked on a number of HIPAA implementations and is well versed in the laws, procedures, and guidelines that make up healthcare law.


One of the more powerful things about collecting all of this data is that you likely have it tied to a latitude and longitude. We can take that data to build dynamic maps that visually communicate the information you want to see.

We’ve built solutions for the Task Force for Global Health, WHO, Emory University, CDC, and a variety of others.

Feb. 01 2016