ESPEN Data Portal

World Health Organization

Collaborating with the ESPEN / WHO team, we created a data portal to facilitate the sharing of data and maps across the Neglected Tropical Disease community.

SMS for Last Mile Tracking


Working with Merck KGaA, we used simple feature phones and SMS to track the distribution of Praziquantel, a drug that treats Schistosomiasis, to more than 1,000 schools and tens of thousands of school children.

GSA Donor Coordination Tool

Global Schistosomiasis Alliance

The map-based tracking tool we built helps coordinate the process of several organizations that donate millions of drugs to more than 30 countries. The donors now have better transparency to ensure anyone in need has access to life-changing medicine.


NTD Supply Chain Forum

Learn how we worked we created and manage a supply chain tool that gives pharma, WHO, and logistics providers the ability to monitor and optimize the supply chain of more than a billion donated tablets every year.

Sequence Health Patient Portal

Sequence Health

In collaboration with the Sequence team, we designed a patient portal to track the patient process from initial contact with the hospital all the way to the end of post-surgery follow up. The portal handled complex workflows to ensure the success of the procedure and hospital.

Patient Satisfaction


We worked with a healthcare provider to automate their patience experience program, making it easier for them to track, learn from, and deliver patient feedback to the right people efficiently.