We pride ourselves on relieving suffering through tech and data. We’ve done this since 2013, partnering with public health organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CDC, Task Force for Global Health, World Health Organization, GSK, and Merck. We provide them with the technology they need to achieve their goal of eliminating disease. How? By building products that make it easy to collect, access, and analyze health data and make that data useful.
Our curiosity has taken us across the world to learn from healthcare organizations, find the best solutions for our clients, and get the first-hand experiences we need to constantly improve our products and technique. We believe in making technology approachable and in providing friendly service. Our work is global and our home is in Atlanta, Georgia. We are Standard Co.

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View products we’ve created for healthcare organizations, including Secure Data Kit and Geoconnect.
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From ideation to implementation, learn how we partner with health leaders on major global health initiatives.
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Get to know the people behind our technology, data, and projects - from Atlanta and across the globe.

Meet our team

Standard Co is backed by a troupe of passionate, curious, hard-working people.
And a handful of friends!

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