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Standard Data is used in 60+ countries worldwide.
Suffice it to say, we’ve seen a few things. These are our stories.

Standard Data In The Wild

Enhancing Webform for a Better Standard Data Collection Experience

March 30, 2022

Data-collectors, rejoice! Team Standard Co has been burning the proverbial midnight oil to better align Standard Data’s Webform functionality with open source ODK Collect protocol. Now, Webform is more powerful than ever, giving you the tools you need to collect data with ease and make decisions, faster – all from your desktop OR mobile web browser.


Setting the Standard for a Better Data Experience

January 18, 2022

Team Standard Co is doubling down on the concept of "Data Experience" in 2022 and beyond. A better Data Experience is something every organization needs, period. And we're here to help.


Nachos + Data: That’s It, That’s the Brief

November 2, 2021

National Nacho Day -- It’s Not a Day, It's a Lifestyle



November 1, 2021

A layperson's guide to HIPAA, how we apply it, and why we're focused on taking real, real good care of your data


Introducing Auto-Dashboard

September 29, 2021

Data to dashboard in minutes, not weeks


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