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Data Governance

All communications with Standard Data servers are encrypted

We encrypt via TSL all communications between client and server and between our own systems.

Data is encrypted at rest

Our database instances leverage “encryption at rest” which essentially means the data are encrypted at the server level and if the server were to be compromised for any reason the intruder would need a “key” to decrypt the contents. We use the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your data. Once your data are stored with Standard Data, authentication and decryption of your data transparently with a minimal impact on performance.

Audit trail

We keep a detailed log of access, updates, or deletes of data. We capture the user performing the action, the IP address, and the date / time of the action. All of this data is available within your account.

Access control

We carefully control who has access to all aspects of our system ranging from the physical servers (accessed via SSH) to our database (no direct access allowed) to our software (which has multiple layers of security).

Data ownership

All data collected at the enterprise and project level are owned by the client and will not be reused, sold, or presented without the express written permission of the client. Additionally, we offer a number of ways that countries can maintain ownership of their data while still using the Standard Data platform. Read more here.

Systems regularly monitored, updated and patched

Our DevOps team has a series of low and high level monitors in place that keep us aware of system stability at all times. We have a monthly plan to review our servers to determine whether they need to be patched or not.

Data backup plans

Our system has automatic backups that are retained for 7 days.

Incident response plan

We have a detailed incident response plan that involves several core areas:

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