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Building data science tools for the public health sector. Click a tag below to learn more about our team and what we do.

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The Team

One of Standard Code's biggest strengths is the fact that you, our client, can talk directly with the person who is building your site.

We are hard working, empathetic technologists who pride ourselves on writing high-quality code. We get excited about the projects we take on and enjoy working with our clients. And so without any further ado, here are the people behind Standard Code.

TJ Muehleman, Partner / Relationships

Oct. 28 2013

Jonathan Nesbitt - Partner / Technology

Jan. 28 2014

Jared Malan Partner / Product Design

Jan. 28 2014

Michael Jordan - Senior Developer

Mar. 28 2014

Scott Murphy - Developer

May. 28 2014

Jared Ables - Developer

Feb. 21 2015

Matt Valdez - Developer

Sep. 20 2015

Emily Tunggala / Project Manager / Office Gardener

Jun. 14 2016

Ajay David -- Developer

Apr. 04 2017

Chris Fennell -- Developer

Apr. 04 2017

Ulysses Maglana -- Developer

Apr. 04 2017


Jun. 16 2017

Nicki Putnam / Culture Coordinator and Office Manager

Oct. 10 2017