Setting the Standard for a Better Data Experience

January 18, 2022

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Customer Experience is, and largely has been, the single most important aspect of maintaining a healthy business or organization. That customer journey (customer onboarding, technical support offerings, advertising & marketing touchpoints, etc.) is paramount to earning and maintaining a healthy roster of clients.

Similarly, on the technical side of things, product developers rarely launch a new tool or service without meticulously analyzing the User Experience. A pleasant UX is essential to ensuring folks enjoy interacting with a product or service. Sure, brand colors, font sizes, flow -- all of that is important. But UX goes well beyond the visual appeal of a technical product or service. Things need to work, and work seamlessly, to avoid customer confusion and/or frustration.

But what about an organization's Data Experience? More often than not, our roster of global clients serves us with a ton of data, but little direction in terms of what they're trying to accomplish with said data. Too much data is never a bad thing, but data with no direction is no picnic. That's why Team Standard Co is doubling down on the concept of "Data Experience" in 2022 and beyond.

A better Data Experience is something every organization needs, period. And we're here to help.

Key Factors Influencing Your Current Data Experience

When considering a better Data Experience, one must ask oneself some extremely important questions, which we've kindly compiled for you below.

Spoiler Alert: if you're looking for a comprehensive toolkit that makes all of the above easy, check out Standard Data sooner than later. You won't be disappointed.

Standard Co's Core Tenets of a Better Data Experience

When we onboard a new Standard Data client, we work hard to tailor a Data Experience plan that not only resonates with said client, but said client's customers as well. Crafting a custom Data Experience is something we do best -- but we'll let you in on our "secret sauce". Ask yourself the questions below and you'll be well on your way to crafting the Data Experience of your dreams:

  1. What is the main issue/question that needs to be solved using data?
  2. What data is required to address the core issue/question?
  3. Where will data be procured in order to address the core issue/question?
  4. How should that data be presented to ensure maximum understanding/comprehension ?

Standard Data - Setting the Standard for a Better Data Experience

Got Data? Got complicated Data? Let's talk.

Standard Data is our proprietary Data Collection and Analysis tool. Schedule a Standard Data Demo today and we'll tailor a comprehensive Data Solutions package based on your specific needs, just as we've done for organizations large and small in over 60+ countries.

We're setting the Standard for a better Data Experience, and we'd love to take that journey with you.