Introducing: Standard Scrub

June 22, 2022

Tired of collecting raw data, downloading it, cleaning it, then re-uploading it to make those sweet lookin’ dashboards? Us too, which is why Team Standard Co is proud to announce the latest enhancement to Standard Data, aptly named Standard Scrub. With Standard Scrub, your raw and clean data can coexist in one place, (that’s right, Standard Data), so your original, raw data is preserved as-is and a fresh, editable duplication of your project sits right alongside it.

As raw data flows into Standard Data, you’ll have the option to duplicate the data in a new, clean project whereupon this duplicated data can be edited, merged, or otherwise manipulated to suit your fancy. The best part? The project containing your raw data is not editable, meaning Standard Data will automatically preserve the integrity of your collected data. And you’ll be able to edit the duplicated version right within Standard Data – no more downloading and re-uploading spirals. Now, your raw and cleaned data can coexist in the same environment, side-by-side, eliminating data integrity risks.

Furthermore, data comparisons will be simpler than ever thanks to Standard Scrub. You’ll be able to jump between raw and clean project data with ease to compare differences real-time. What a time-saver!

So, what’s next for Standard Scrub? Think: AI-powered auto cleaning functionality. That’s right, with a click of a button, Standard Data will one day clean your data automatically. We’re not quite there yet but watch this space! It’ll be here before we know it.

We’re on a mission to build a better Data Experience for all, one tool at a time, one clean dataset at a time. If you or someone you know needs a comprehensive data experience consultation, or if the tools you’re currently using just don’t play nice in the sandbox, let’s talk.