Enhancing Webform for a Better Standard Data Collection Experience

March 30, 2022

Webform is Auto-Enabled + Complex Question Types Now Come Standard + There’s a Print Button! (for those of you who just can’t quit paper)

Data-collectors, rejoice! Team Standard Co has been burning the proverbial midnight oil to better align Standard Data’s Webform functionality with open source ODK Collect protocol. Now, Webform is more powerful than ever, giving you the tools you need to collect data with ease and make decisions, faster – all from your desktop OR mobile web browser.

See It In Action

Why Make These Enhancements?

Because oftentimes, quality data collection requires more sophistication than ‘text’ boxes and ‘select one’ options – and we believe these possibilities should be available at the click of a button.

ODK Collect supports complex logic, computations, question types, and more – basically anything you’d need to support life’s most complex forms & surveys. While ODK Collect is a fantastic tool, it currently exists as an Android app, which doesn’t offer a ton of flexibility as a data collection method. With Standard Data’s latest Webform enhancements, you can easily share a link with respondents (or embed directly into your website), and they’ll be able to complete your sophisticated forms & surveys without needing an Android device...or yet another username/password combo to remember. In fact, any connected mobile device OR desktop browser now operates seamlessly with Webform.

Ready For the Details?

You asked, we delivered! Standard Data’s Webform now supports the following:

So, What’s Next?

We’ll continue to tinker with functionality and UX, adding support to bring Standard Data’s Webform to full parity with ODK Collect protocol & help you do more with data.

Combine this with our Auto-Dashboard functionality (which allows you to instantly visualize your data real-time), and paper is a thing of the past — unless, of course, you’re the one who asked for the new Webform Print enhancement…

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