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Can I add and remove users from my project?


Standard Data supports having multiple users on a project (and we don't charge extra! Add as many as you'd like). Only project admins can add or subtract users.

To manage the users on your project, visit your project at and scroll towards the bottom of the project. You'll see a section labeled "Users" (if you don't, you are not a project admin!).

In the user section, you will see which users are already on your project. The Standard Data team often adds users to the project during configuration so don't be surprised if you already see people on the project.

Adding New Users

There are two ways to add new users. One at a time or in bulk. When a user is added, they will receive an email invitation from the Standard Data platform. If they do not receive the invite, ask them to check their spam folder!

Both options allow you to put in email addresses.

When you add a user, you will also be allowed to configure different permissions for that user (or users):

The permissions are as follows:

  • User can view data: the user added can only view and search raw data. They cannot download, edit, or view reports
  • User can edit data: the user can view and edit data. Any changes they make are captured in the audit trail
  • User can download data: the user can do all of the above + request data downloads
  • User received reports: the user can do all of the above + receive any configured reports (note: this does not apply to dashboards at this time. Contact the Standard Co team to add someone to a dashboard subscription)

Removing Users

Users can be edited or removed. To remove a user, click on the user you wish to remove and in th modal you will see "remove user" in the lower corner. This will not delete their Standard Data account. It will merely remove them from the project.

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