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How do I import records to an existing dataset?


Adding records to an existing dataset is really straightforward. Below are some screenshots to follow on how to do this!

Step 1: Log into Standard Data and find your project and the dataset you want to add records to

Step 2: Download the "import records" template. This will send you an email with the template file. This is the template you'll need to use in filling out the data. This template will be a CSV and needs to stay in that format!

Step 3: Fill out the import template with your data. You can add as few as 1 record to as many as...thousands of records. Note: in the file you will see a column called "meta_instance_id". You can ignore that. The system will automatically generate that as a globally unique identifier designed to allow our system to track records via our audit system.

Step 4: Upload your data! Depending on how much data you're uploading, this process can take minutes or hours. You will receive an email when it is complete.

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