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Is it possible to build my own form in Standard Data?


Yes, there are two ways to build forms. The first is with XLSForm, an open standard for defining and building complex forms. We will set aside time to discuss XLSForm in another form or FAQ but we will focus this FAQ on our Form Builder. The form builder allows project administrators to create their own forms through a simple graphical interface for building forms. Here's how it works:

1) Log in to your Standard Data project. If you're a project admin you'll see the option "Build a form (beta)"

2) Clicking the "Build a form" will take you to a screen where you can define the kind of form you are going to build.

  • Title -- what do you want to call this form?
  • Source (optional) -- if this data is coming from another dataset (e.g. World Bank data), put the source here
  • Source URL (optional) -- url of where the data came from

3) Start defining the form -- you can put as many questions into your form as you'd like! The system supports a number of data types including strings, integers, dates, geopoint, and dropdown functionality. Check it out!

4) Start collecting data -- now that you've defined your form you can start collecting data. The form builder is compatible with our webforms (data can be collected in a browser) as well as ODK Collect -- a popular android based data collection tool

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