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“Metabase makes Data Visualization a cinch. If you're the DIY type, Standard Data has you covered, but if you need an extra hand, we're here to help!'

- TJ, Founder / Organizer Person

We Help You Do More with Metabase

Hosting Your Own Instances

Enhanced Security based on Your Needs

We help you standardize security protocols independent of Metabase Cloud standards.

Total Control for You & Your Teams

Automation routines, Instance locations, etc. all at your fingertips.

Upgrades & Downgrades on Your Terms

No more automatically deployed upgrades & new features.

Building & Configuring Dashboards

The Standard Co Data Experience Framework

We work with you to understand your audience & goals to simplify your communications and effectively visualize your data via dashboards.

Top-Flight Maintenance

Dashboard maintenance, data source configuration & maintenance, creating linked dashboards, dashboard embedding (web, iOS, Android, etc.).

Designing Dynamic Maps & Geospatial Datasets

Build the Map that Tells Your Story

We build dynamic maps, including region & pin maps, that effectively communicates geospatial data.

Import Custom Shapefiles

Got a map you love? We'll work with that.

Automating Reporting on Any Device

Your Own Native App (powered by Standard Data)

We seamlessly embed Metabase dashboards into a native mobile experience (iOS, Android) so your data is available on the go.

Reports that Works for You

Dashboard subscription configuration and maintenance, data downloading options direct from dashboards.

Everything from simple tabular reports to complex data visualizations.

We build, optimize, and maintain dashboards for some of the world's largest organizations. Let's talk.

Standard Data + Metabase = A Match Made in Data Heaven

To get the most out of this tool, we highly recommend discussing your unique data needs with our team of real humans.

Metabase Tutorials

Metabase Tutorial - Using Custom Mappings to Turn Integers into Displayable Values

As a follow-up to our "Using "Computed Columns" for a Better Data Experience" tutorial, Standard Co's TJ Muehleman unlocks an even simpler way to turn integers and enums into easily readable display values.

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Metabase Tutorial - How to Create a Linked Column

Wondering how to create linked columns in Metabase? Look no further! TJ Muehleman is here with the step-by-step you need to do just that.

Watch Tutorial

Metabase Tutorial - How to Build a Map Based on Some Basic Conditions

Standard Co Founder & Chief Organizer Person, TJ Muehleman, walks through a quick tutorial for how to build a map based on some basic conditions -- in this case, demonstrated with public data from all of the states who are reporting COVID data over the weekends.

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Metabase Tutorial - Using "Computed Columns" for a Better Data Experience

Sometimes data values are not helpful -- as in, they don't translate to things that matter to us (example, gender: 0 = male, 1 = female, 2 = nonbinary, etc.). This tutorial shows you how to turn unhelpful data into helpful data. Levaraging Metabase, we'll use custom columns to deploy a "case statement" to help us evaluate fields in terms that make sense to non-data-loving laypeople.

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Metabase Tutorial - How To Build Linked Dashboards & Maps

In this tutorial, Standard Co Founder & Chief Organizer Person, TJ Muehleman, shows us how to build linked dashboards in Metabase. Provided you have multiple datasets that you’re looking to link together, so one is responsive to the other for drilling-down purposes, this is the tutorial for you.

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Metabase: A Snapshot

Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that allows users to create charts and dashboards using data from a variety of databases

(Standard Data being the best, of course)

Newbie or Pro, We're Here to Help!

Metabase allows users to create and share dynamic charts, graphs, and dashboards with limited/no SQL proficiency. For the pros in the room (lookin’ at you, kid), full SQL functionality is available.

We are happy to support you along the way in your Metabase journey. Let's Talk!

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