Standard Data: Collect, Manage, Analyze Your Data

June 23, 2021

Greetings, fellow data lovers,

As always, we hope this message finds you in good health. A lot is happening behind the veil over here at Standard Co and as such, it's an opportune time to share our progress with you, the huddled data-savvy masses.

Essentially, we’re deep in the trenches pulling together a comprehensive data management toolkit thoughtfully dubbed “Standard Data”.  Why? Because we’re setting the Standard for data management, that’s why (see what we did there?).

All the tools you know and love (from SDK to NTDeliver… perhaps even Database of Nachos) will now exist under the Standard Data banner. But don’t fret — they will only be enhanced and further optimized so you can do more with data, never less. We won’t skimp on the original value proposition or functionality of our existing tools, nor will we drastically change the platforms you know and love unless it is a change for the better.

Perhaps you’re new here. In which case, welcome, and allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Standard Co. We offer comprehensive data management solutions for a range of clients across 60+ countries, working with organizations as far reaching as the World Health Organization along with growing businesses & NGOs, like ATL-based Honeysuckle Gelato and The Kula Project, respectively.

We believe that data management is the future — that businesses and organizations of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, creeds, and so forth can benefit from properly managed, structured data. We believe that all institutions can make better decisions faster when data is organized and optimized; when data is cleaned, structured, and integrated across essential systems; when the journey from collection to management to analysis is free from roadblocks and setbacks.

Whether you need a clean, visually stunning dashboard for a board meeting or a survey & collection tool that functions on a WiFi-devoid flip phone in a rugged locale, we’ve got a solution for you. And our team of real (cool) humans has your back, day or night, to ensure your data management journey is a smooth one.

So, with that, we hope to talk soon. Follow along here for some interesting (read: nerdy) content and, by all means, please reach out with any data management questions, ideas, or even jokes. We love data jokes, but more importantly, we love hearing from you so we can enhance our offerings and ultimately help you do more with data.

Take care,

Team Standard Co