Population Density (per square mile) for every US Zip Code

September 17, 2020

Someone recently asked us for Population Density by US Zip Code (per square mile). We sourced and cleaned this data, then uploaded to our data platform Secure Data Kit, and visualized the data with Metabase. Feel free to poke around or download the data for yourself.
(go directly to the dashboard here: https://dashboards.securedatakit.com/public/dashboard/5b8fe700-531b-416b-9cf5-3ee9b93a2353)

<iframe src="https://dashboards.securedatakit.com/public/dashboard/5b8fe700-531b-416b-9cf5-3ee9b93a2353" frameborder="0" width="1200" height="900" allowtransparency=""></iframe>