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Enhancing Webform for a Better Standard Data Collection Experience

Mar 30, 2022

What's New?

  • Altitude & Accuracy - geopoint has been enhanced to capture not only latitude & longitude, but also altitude and accuracy data - anytime, anywhere
  • Auto-Redirect - automatic redirect to new landing page to avoid multiple or repeat submissions
  • Auto-Save - allows respondent to close browser and return to survey/form without losing their submission
  • Calculations - calculates inputs based on values of preceding questions
  • CAPTCHA - ensures that the respondent is a real human being
  • Cascading Selects - allows questions to cascade based on a previous selection
  • Groups - creates a group of related questions, often helpful for analysis
  • Hints - instructs the respondent on how to answer a question
  • Multiple Choice Questions - questions that allow multiple options to be selected
  • Print - allows user to print a blank or filled out survey in a clean format, no annoying website header or footer included
  • Repeats - the ability to repeat a question or group of questions
  • Skip Logic - the ability to skip a question or group of questions using a ‘relevant’ attribute
  • Webform By Default - Webform is now enabled by default, saving users one more step in implementing Webforms for sharing/collection
  • * For Required Questions - visual asterisk cue letting respondents know which questions require an input

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