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Metabase 46

Apr 25, 2023

We've recently upgraded all of our instances with the latest instance of Metabase (version 46). This instance contains some of our favorite new features including a revamped tool for creating data visualizations, the ability to customize dropdown filters, and a variety of other cool new tools! See the list below and watch our breakdown video.

Stuff we really care about

  • New visualizations and updated visualization editor (we're very excited about the "Detail" visualization!)
  • Custom filter dropdowns
  • More info about models in one place -- we had stopped using models and advised our customers to stop using them until some stability had been implemented. Our good pals at Metabase promise us that models are more stable and ready for prime time. We'll kick the tires on this a bit more and let you know how it goes!
  • Debugging of SQL queries now more transparent (thank you!)

Stuff that is cool but not that interesting to us

  • Actions -- the ability for Metabase to write back to your database (see the video for our thoughts on this)
  • Updated MongoDB driver
  • New custom expression -- now

Check out our youtube channel for more metabase videos and walk throughs!

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