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Metabase 47

Oct 10, 2023

Hey friends, we're about to deploy a new fancy version of Metabase across all of our hosted instances (we have a few customers on cloud versions which will get v47 in due time). This version of metabase is exciting because it includes a number of great feature that we've been eagerly awaiting.

Stuff we really care about

  • Dashboards have been enhanced with PDF downloads, tabbed navigation, a finer grid, a manual filter option, a back button, and more. Users can also set a dashboard as their home page and hide cards when they have no results.
  • Searching has been improved with row-level results, faster performance, and a new look. Users can also use new datetime functions in the query builder and x-ray models for quick insights.
  • Users are advised to upgrade to Metabase 47 as soon as possible, as it includes security patches for a recent incident. Some API endpoints have been changed or removed, so users should check the documentation for details. (note: Standard Co patched the security vulnerability on July 28 as a result of the emergency release from Metabase)
  • Tabbed navigation on dashboards
  • Dashboards allow more granular control
  • You can now specify if a question should be hidden if there are no results (we're really excited about this one)s

Other things that are probably cool

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