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Does Standard Data support webforms?


Standard Data does indeed support webforms! Webforms allow your users to submit data via a form in the browser. Each survey created via XLSForm or with our Form Builder (beta) automatically supports Webform.

The Standard Data Webform allows you to create very simple surveys to complex, programmatic surveys. A few of the features you can find in Webforms include:

  • Support for a variety of data types including strings, numbers, geopoints, and drop down menus
  • Skip logic ("if the answer to #1 is A, go to question 3")
  • Repeating logic ("tell us all of your favorite foods")
  • Cascading selects ("if you picked this country only allow these options in the next drop down")

For more information on what is and is not supported in webform, read the release notes here. Want to see it in action? Read our product team's write up on how customers are using it, samples, and a video walk through.

How to enable webforms

For all projects created after April 5, 2021, webforms will automatically be enabled.

For legacy projects (created before April 5, 2021), you will need to go into settings to enable the webform. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to and find your project
  2. Once in the project, find the survey / dataset you want to enable Webforms for
  1. At the bottom of the settings page you will find a setting called "Webform Settings". By default, legacy projects are set to "disabled"
  1. Select this dropdown and click "Enable"
  1. There are a few other webform settings available:
  • Embedded -- if you want to embed the webform in your site, select this option. It will remove the Standard Data header and logo
  • Autofill -- allows you to pass information in via the querystring. Contact the Standard Co team for information on how to use this feature
  • Permissions -- you can set a form to private, meaning only Standard Data users can fill out the form (they must login) or public meaning anyone with the link can fill out the form

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