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Introducing Standard Data

June 23, 2021

Introduction to our new data platform, Standard Data -- Data Management as a Service


Q1 2021 Product Guide

March 28, 2021

Product Guide


WHO Expiry Alarm: How to save millions of tablets from expiring

March 2, 2021

Our data-as-a-service tool is used by some of the largest organizations in the world. This case study covers how the World Health Organization, in conjunction with donation programs at Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, and Merck used this tool in 2020 to prevent the wastage of over 32 million tablets costing $4,200,000.


Data as a service: where we are and where we're headed

February 1, 2021

I recently saw a stat that over 300 BILLION PDFs were created in 2020 representing a significant increase over the previous year. And you know what? I wasn't surprised to see that. We work with some o


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