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Standard Data is used in 60+ countries worldwide.
Suffice it to say, we’ve seen a few things. These are our stories.

Standard Data In The Wild


November 1, 2021

A layperson's guide to HIPAA, how we apply it, and why we're focused on taking real, real good care of your data


Introducing Auto-Dashboard

September 29, 2021

Data to dashboard in minutes, not weeks


Standard Data: Commitment to Country Ownership of Data

September 23, 2021

Standard Co Is Setting the Standard for Data Governance


World Health Organization Taps Standard Data to Save 32 Million Life-Saving NTD Tablets

July 7, 2021

“Expiry Alarms” Eliminate Waste by Reallocating Pharmaceuticals Prior to Expiration


Standardize Your Unstructured Data With Standard Data

June 30, 2021

Whether your data is structured, unstructured, or somewhere in between, Standard Data cleans and optimizes inputs so you can Do More With Data


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